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Space Diving

Space Diving As The New Adrenaline Pumping Extreme Sport:

Think of extreme daredevil activities such as bungee jumping or hang gliding and
consider performing these stunts from outer space. This is the latest extreme sport
headline to hit the media spotlight and is being pushed by adrenaline junkies and
sporting enthusiasts. Space diving refers to a theoretical idea of having ordinary
people jump from the outer universe and into the atmosphere of earth.

The idea was inspired by daredevil, Joe Kittinger who in 1960 jumped from an air-
balloon 30 km up high. Scientists have begun the idea of creating the ultimate suit
that will be able to withstand the conditions with enhanced safety and protection for
those who would be hurtling back to earth at tremendous speeds. This includes aspects
such as withstanding the intense heat upon reentry as well as adequate oxygen support
to the stuntman.

This adventurous option has not yet been implemented however, companies are currently
working on a variety of suits which may be able to turn this idea into a reality in the
not so far future. Many institutions have been interested in utilizing these theories to
be able to break sound barrier records. This would mean using the first human jump from
outer space in order to establish the first ever record of its kind.

This idea has gained a considerable amount of attention especially based on the research
of NASA during the 1960s. It was during this time that researchers were investigating
escape systems for orbital astronauts. These special orbit parachute systems included a
specific design for protecting the diver upon reentry and included rockets as well as
inflatable cones.

According to the plans of NASA as soon as an astronaut has reached a specific distance
upon reentry, this suit would include a recovery system to allow the individual to land
safely back on earth. In order for this theory to become a reality, there would have to be
a complete revolution in space suit design. The future sees plans set to transport divers
into the orbit via a 60 second rocket ride and then proceed have the suited individuals
jump from this distance.

A mention of counter pressure suit technology would be utilized in order to achieve the
desired impact. This would include the use of elasticated material rather than a gas pressure
option for the protection of divers from the force of the fall. The innovation behind these
ideas includes enhanced safety for designing escape systems for experienced astronauts.

This sport is considered highly dangerous as a result of the extreme speed at which
individuals will free fall. Upon entering the atmosphere of earth, divers are said to
experience the so called shock wave in which many crafts have broken apart in being able to
pass. In this case, the craft would be the human body.

It is said that once a free fall occurs from the outer orbit, speed will increase after 35
seconds and after 6 minutes, once 1520 meters has been reached, the parachute should be opened.
Projects in motion are said to launch from North America. Space diving could revolutionize the
scientific world.

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